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About us

ООО «Мистерия +» (brand - Misteriya Zvuka®) is one of the leading releasing and distributing Companies of audio and video goods over Russia now.

The Company was founded in 1999 and fastely gained the significant results in the market of musical distribution. The exclusive contracts with the majors of World and Russian show business such as REAL Records, Producing Centre of Igor Matvienko, Universal Music Russia, Gala Records Have been concluded. As a result, the Trade Catalogue of the Company began to include the albums of the leaders of Russian pop and rock stage: Dima Bilan, Maxim, Mummy Troll, Zemfira, Mashina Vremeni, Delfin, Korol I Shut, Bi-2, Band'Eros, Grigory Leps, Gorod 312, Peageya.
Since 2002 till 2005 the Company had been the exclusive distributor of Universal Music in the territory of Russian Federation.
Since 2002 till 2008 the Company had been the exclusive distributor of the SonyBMG Catalogue in the territory of Russian Federation. Thousands of albums of significant singers such as of Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne, Justin Timberlake and others were released.
In 2004 the Company actively starts to develop DVD market in Russia. The Company has released top sales hits such as "The Best Movie"/aka "Cамый лучший фильм", "Radio Day"/aka «День радио», "Night Watch"/ aka «Ночной дозор», "The State Counsellor"/aka «Статский советник», "Turkish Gambit"/aka«Турецкий гамбит», "Piranya Hunting"/aka «Охота на пиранью», "Day Watch"/aka «Дневной дозор»...
The exclusive Catalogue of the Company has more than 1000 titles in all formats (CD, DVD, MP3).
In 2009 the Company starts to release BluRay discs. 
Since 2010 the company has started a digital distribution. Our projects can be seen on the,,,,, BeelineTV etс.
Since 2011, the Company has been engaged into release of childrens' toys, objects for house and interior, childrens' jewelry.

The Company Misteriya Zvuka continues to participate and develop new niches of market, by means of developing new product categories 

Golden disc - 2005
"The best example of musical DVD" for the Irina Bogushevskaya "Nezhnye Veshi"/ Ирина Богушевская «Нежные вещи».
Record - 2005
"The best soundtrack" for the "Boomer"/аkа «Бумер».
Golden disc - 2006-07
"The best DVD" for the "Collection of Alexey Uchitel movies"/aka «Коллекционное издание фильмов Алексея Учителя».
Award "Blockbuster".
The best-selling DVD movie of domestic production in 2010 for the film "What Men Talk About" / Премия «Блокбастер» за фильм "О чем говорят мужчины".
National award Strana - 2011
International children's film festival Red Sails in Artek
National award The Golden Eagle
The best animation film: Three Bogatirya and Shamahanskaya Tsaritsa
The best Screenplay: In Saturday, (2011)
Best Actor - «DuhLess» (2012)
Kinotavr - 2012
«Ya budu ryadom»

 Tops of Sales 2009-2013:

• CD (Russian singers): NOIZE MC "New Album" / NOIZE MC "Новый альбом", BI-2 "Nechotny voin 3" / БИ-2 - "Нечетный воин 3", PETR NALICH "Pesni o lubvi i rodine" / Петр Налич "ПЕСНИ О ЛЮБВИ И РОДИНЕ", Aqvarium "Pushkinskaya 10 / Аквариум "Пушкинская 10"", Masha and Medved "Dancing with Masha" / Маша и Медведь "Дискотека с Машей", Valeriy Meladze "BEST" / Валерий Меладзе "BEST", Grishkovec and gr.Bigudi "Radio for one" / Гришковец и гр.Бигуди "Радио для одного", Bi- 2 "O chem govorayt muzhchin" / Би-2 " О чем говорят мужчины", Gregory Leps " Celaya zhizn" / Григорий Лепс "Целая жизнь", Maksim "Moy Ray" / Максим "Мой рай", Valeriya "Vo mne moya lubov" / Валерия "Во мне моя любовь".
" Misteriya Zvuka ", in collaboration with Univeral represents a major long-awaited album of pop icons of recent years Lady GaGa «Born This Way» in the Russian market.

• DVD: "DuhLess" / "ДухLess", "The Snow Queen" / "Снежная Королева" / "Satisfaction" / "Сатисфакция", "Three bogatirya and Shamahanskaya Queen" / "Три Богатыря и Шамаханская Царица", disc collection of "Masha and Medved" / коллекция дисков "Маша и Медведь", "Krai" / "Край", "O chem govoryat muzhchini" / "О чем говорят мужчины", "Three bogatirya (4 в1)" / "Три богатыря(4 в1)" , disc collection of "Largo Vinch" / коллекция дисков "Ларго Винч".

The Company consists of the Enterprises providing complete production cycle: printing house, disc replication plant, authoring sector, design-studio, assembling sector.
The ideal conditions of stocking the goods, high speed of fulfiling the orders are provided by the modern warehouses (1400 square metres) and high technologies, which are very important (while working) with multi ranged orders.
Delivery department works with all districts of Russian Federation. Delivery in Moscow is free for the client. Delivery in St. Petersburg is implemented by the branch office of the Company.
The sales proccesses include the efficient system of the novelties notification, conditions of deferments of payments, special programmes of promotion of exclusive goods (merchandising, advertising, sales promotion), Professional support extended good's presence.
Mission of the Company is based on the idea, that our team potrays the activity of the Company not as a way to get the profits only, but as a possibility to take part in the developing of the modern, civilised musical and cinema markets in Russia. We want to make people happy, forming their spare time in qualitative way.
The company's turnover in 2012 was 60 million U.S. dollars. We keep the format of the CD, despite the extinction of this segment of the market. "Mysteriya Zvuka" is dynamically devel oping Company, which demands the high professional level from it's employees, creating conditions for further improvement , and personal career prospects. The team of our company consists of more than 200 professionals.
The corporative culture of the Company based on WIN -WIN -WIN MANAGEMENT, which is
• Mutual respect,
• Positive thinking,
• Return connection
• Team feeling.
One of the trends of Company's activity is to defend the copyright. More than 10 representatives of the Company control the copyright situation all over Russian Federation. They conduct the prosecutive measures, cooperating with law enforcing bodies , fight against the breach of copyright in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation. Special care is given to the largest animated series, "Masha and the Medved", which is the largest multimedia children's projects in Russia.
Being socially active, the Company takes part in the charity programmes, helps the orphanages, supports the Fund "Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children".
Releasing the Children goods we arrange the creative competitions for our small auditory with the gifts for all participants. We invite children with their families for free review of the new films.

The Company got long-term experience of cooperation with сhain stores. We deal with Auchan, Х5, MediaMarkt, M-Video, Novy Knizhny, Bukva, Bukvoed, 7 Continent, Hit-Zona, Kesko, сhain stores of filling stations Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazprom etc.
But the list of the clients is permanently widening.
We are not only the distributor but we also provide some additional services as well: management of goods assembling threw the trade matrixes, effective laying-out, full pre-sales preparation.



Commercial Director:

Irina Blinova

tel. +7 495 450-07-77

mob. +7 903 613 4975

Head of sales department:
Alexander Mikhel
tel. +7 495 450-07-77
mob. +7 903 613-47-94


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